Devbag - A secluded Malvan Beach

A small piece of land surrounded by water, Devbag has a beautiful beach on one side and a spectacular backwater on the other epitomizing natures artistry. Tsunami island at 'Devbaug Sangam' is the hub of water sports in Tarkarli.

Devbaug Sangam & Backwaters

The confluence of Karli river where it meets the Arabian sea near the Karli creek provides one the most picturesque spots in the area. A boat ride up the river starting from the creek is full of beautiful and surprising moments. The ride against the river nearing the end of its journey is amazingly tranquil. The waters however, hide the turmoil within and it’s only when some troubled dolphin jumps to the surface that one gets the true picture of the abyss. The rivers banks are covered with verdant forests and offer one of the most picturesque boat rides one can undertake! Tsunami Island near the 'sangam' is where all tyhe exciting water sports and parasailing is organized at Malvan.

Devbaug Sangam


One of the eight talukas of the Sindhudurg district Malvan is a holiday destination that holds something for every soul! Be it a relaxed vacation by the beach or an action packed thrilling holiday, Malvan has something of everything to keep you excited during your holidays in Malvan not to forget the famous mouth watering Malvani cuisines for the ones looking forward to enjoying authentic konkani food!

Devbaug Beach
Sindhudurg Fort
Tsunami Island
Malvan Rock Gardens